WELCOME to Skate This Roller Skating Club!
Roller Skate This was formed in San Diego,California to bring together a small group of skaters for endless
weekends and nights of skating. Since then, the basic focus has not changed. Skate This is a freestyle dance
skating club consisting of quad and inline roller skater who roll in rinks and outdoors year round in
San Diego. Skate This takes you back to the days of original roller skating with dancing energy that looks
effortless. You'll walk away saying "Those skaters have as much fun skating as we did watching them".


Most members are amateur skaters. Our club is open to all skaters who desire to learn and perform dance


Skate This is a club which considers its main focus the instruction, leadership, and sharing
of skating knowledge which is passed on from seasoned skaters to other adults and children who can
continue the cycle and growth of the sport. Skate This continues to grow each year with indoor and outdoor skating
in southern California.

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